Where to Buy Gadgets on Finance

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If you live in the UK there are a number of retailers out there that will allow you to buy gadgets on finance. The way it works can vary from company to company, but the overall premise is the same. You get the product, the retailer gives you a finance package that covers the cost of the product, and you either pay a set amount each month or there may be a package where you pay it in full several months later. What you can buy with your money also changed depending on the company, so we should look at the main retailers that you may end up shopping with.Image1Source: technogadgetsforkids.com
One of the biggest retailers has to be Argos. The way that finance works with them is that you can either pay monthly via their own Argos card, or you can pay nothing for up to six months depending on how much you spend. Perhaps the second largest retailer that offers finance is Currys/PC World. They certainly had a boost to their business when Comet crashed and burned a few years ago. With Currys, you can get a monthly payment plan when you spend over £250 in store and they have three options available as you can choose to spread the cost over either 10, 24, or 36 months, but do be aware that you need to go into the store in order to take advantage of this finance package.

Currys and PC World also have a buy now and pay later option and at various times this could be extended for up to 12 months via a promotion.

This all sounds reasonable, but if you want an alternative way of buying gadgets on finance, then Bright House may be of interest. With this company you get to pay weekly. However, it is certainly easier to get credit with this company than the likes of Argos or Currys, so for some people this is the only way that they can get access to a wide range of gadgets when they do not have the spare cash to buy them outright. To pay weekly you need to go to their store as they do offer a direct debit option, but that automatically switches you to a monthly payment where it has to be taken a month in advance.

Those are just three of the major retailers in the UK that will allow you to purchase gadgets on finance. As you can see they have a different way of doing business, but the end result is still the same in that you can be the proud owner of some new gadgets and spread the cost to you over an extended period of time. For more information for gadgets on finance including other retailers that provide the service, visit Techcred.

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