WhatsApp Spy Android: How to Use a Spy App to Monitor WhatsApp on an Android Smartphone?

Are you tired of your kids’ smartphone addiction? And it worries you that they will soon find themselves in some sort of trouble, then you need to read this tutorial on spying WhatsApp on an android phone [spoiler: we will be talking about spy apps and how they can be used to do more than just WhatsApp spy android].

An android device is not like an iOS device. The former has lesser permissions and security protocols that third party apps have to bypass for spying purposes. So you get to spy without rooting the target device in the majority of the cases, depending on the app that you are using.04So the first thing that you need to do is choose a spying app that’s compatible with your android devices. Do not just go for any app that say “android compatible”, instead, keep the following 4 questions in your mind before your purchase:

  1. What are the compatible devices?
  2. What is the license fee?
  3. What features are offered other than WhatsApp spying?
  4. What’s the reputation of the app?

To get your answers to the first 3 questions, you can visit the website of the app that you have chosen in the preliminary selection period. Your final decision should depend upon the overall ratings and reputation of the app on different apps stores and review sites. You can easily get reviews about an app from the internet through a simple search.

A few apps that you can rely on include XNSPY, Flexispy and mSpy.

Once done with the app selection, you need to download it. For example, xnspy is available for download from its website. You only need to click on the “buy now” tab on the website and choose the package plan. On successful subscription, an email will be sent to you, which you will use to download the app onto the target device.05Most of these spy apps for android only work after the manual installation of the app onto the target device. So therefore, you will need to get your hands on the smartphone of the person that you are planning onto monitor for a few minutes for the installation.

After installation of the app onto the target device, all you need to do is add that device onto your app’s online Control Panel. If you are using XNSPY, then there is a Dashboard app that let you manage your account from your smartphone.

As long as the app is working inside the target device, you will be able to access data off it. Before concluding let’s breakdown the process into three steps:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Install on the target device.
  3. Add a device on your account.

With apps like XNSPY, Flexispy and mSpy, you can use it to view WhatsApp photo monitoring app, that will let you access multimedia from the monitored devices.

If you are looking for the cheapest WhatsApp spy android app, then XNSPY Is the one you should be going for. It only costs $8.33/month for WhatsApp spying, phone logs monitoring and GPS tracking.

Click here to learn more about XNSPY features.

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