A good design burns your pocket, but not anymore with Visme

The days have come to a place where one doesn’t needs to go out and hire a freelance designer or in-house designer to get their small or medium size design for their presentations and infographics or creative work done. Today I came across a site on web named Visme, which has got lot more to offer than one’s requirement under one roof which is very interactive and collaborative for any type of business or personal works. This online web app has got lots of productivity tools which can be easily used by a guy or girl who is completely new to design and create some awesome stuff.


There are very few rare software’s and web app’s available online and offline which offers all these services/tools to start your project For example, an marketer gets an full package of tools which can be useful in day-to-day life like he can create spectacular pitch proposals, business presentations, website infographics explaining his company and services they offer, creating animations for short videos, banners for digital advertising campaigns and product demos when launching new products for their company.

How I came to know about Visme?

As a blogger, I love to explore new things which can help people to make their personal and professional life easier and simpler. For past few days, I was looking for software which can create some presentations and web banners which are unique and interactive. I tried some of them but they failed to stand on my expectations and were not comfortable with their user interface and editing tools.

Then, as usual I googled for some web applications and came across this web app Visme. It’s been some time, since I have been looking out online for a great design website which can offer all of these services under one roof like creating stunning presentations, infographics, animations, ad banners, creative’s and product demos.

Few things you need to know about Visme:

You might be assuming that Visme is another normal app among tons of other app creators. Their tagline “Visualize your ideas” says everything in just three words that you have got the power of a Web App which can easily turn your imaginations into reality by doing it yourself.

Visme has some of the awesome inbuilt tools which can reduce the amount to time required to create fantastic presentations, spectacular infographics, these creative’s can be used to manage your digital social media fan page effectively.


What Visme Offers to You: Not Just Creating Random Stuff but Also Making them Awesome and Interactive

#1- Presentations

Creating presentations was never so easy and handy with lots of features and new templates over other presentation software’s which offers the same age old templates. Visme doesn’t just helps you in creating awesome and interactive presentations but also offers unique features which can make your presentation to stand out in the crowd.


#2- Infographics

It’s been 3-4 years, from when the infographics came into existence and from then it has started to make more noise in the online space where everyone is interested to create their own infographics for company and business. Visme can help you with creating some interactive and engaging infographics which can attract people.


#3- Banners

Even the Visme’s new feature of creating web banners is going to be an very effective handy tool for any digital marketer who has no experience in the field of designing can design an fabulous and appealing banner ad in just few minutes without any hassle or help taken from designers.


#4- Product Demos

Visme isn’t just another presentation or animations making application, it can also develop interactive product demos (coming soon) which can make your product launch special and unique. The product demos feature is still under development and will be launched as soon as possible.

Why you should first prefer Visme over Designers/Tools:

You might be thinking or be in a dilemma that when there are so many traditional software’s and applications are accessible today to make presentations, animations, infographics and banners then why am I recommending you to this new web app.

First of all Visme, as an web app can be used easily without causing any trouble to you and can simplify your work at a much faster pace than you approaching an freelance designer or in-house designer and explaining him/her about your content ideas which you want to make it much more interactive and engaging to your target audience.

While using Visme, you get full access of the content you create which you can customize or modify them according to your requirements and needs. Not just that, the content you create on Visme can be viewed in any Smartphone, tablet or PC which supports HTML5.

One of the major reasons to choose Visme is that it is available for free. You only upgrade to premium when you like their service and want additional features and templates.

If you’re interested to try this Web App, then do checkout Visme. Visme uses it’s own product to promote Visme including this infographic made entirely in Visme



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