Top 5 Gadgets To Liven Up Your Home Office

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There’s a popular misconception that home offices need to be minimalistic, clear of clutter. How else could you keep the space distraction-free and get your work done? Well, we’re here to tell you only half of that is true. A clean and organized office is important, but adding some nifty gadgets is an excellent way to stop your workspace from feeling clinical and boring. Here are five of our favorite gadgets for the home office:

Clip-on cup holder

What’s wrong with just putting your drink on a coaster we hear you say? Well, nothing we suppose. But this is a nice little addition to your work station. It adds character and it’s also nice not having to worry about spilling your drink all over your work or expensive computer equipment. What’s more, they are available from Tesco for a pound!


There’s only one thing more satisfying that scoring a 3-pointer as you throw a crumpled paper ball into the waste paper bin from half-way across the room – and that’s shredding it into tiny pieces! Viking sells a wide variety of paper shredders to suite any budget. If you’re willing to pay a little more, it’s possible to pick up a machine that is capable of shredding staples, paperclips and even credit cards!
These devices are must if you want peace of mind when you throw away important documents such as bank statements and key business reports.

Newton’s Cradle

If the name isn’t ringing any bells, maybe the infamous ‘click-clack’ sound of this office accessory will. This desktop toy, from Amazon, is an instantly recognizable gadget classic.

Named after Sir Isaac Newton, this workspace accessory demonstrates how the laws of conservation of momentum and energy work. If you’re finding it hard to concentrate, it can be a nice way to zone out for a couple of minutes and enjoy the hypnotic qualities from the pendulum motion of this gadget. This type of toy’s perfect for anyone that needs a bit of background noise as they work. If a ticking clock has never scratched that itch, maybe the repeating ‘clack’ of Newton’s cradle will.

Laser Printer

If you’ve been making do with an inkjet printer, you may be due an upgrade. Laser printers are excellent at producing crisp text, even tones and smooth graphics. They are arguably a lot faster than their inkjet counterpart too; so if you print a lot, they may be worth the investment. Viking has a large catalogue of these devices; we’d recommend picking up a laser printer that also includes built in scanning and photocopying functionality.

HP Laserjet Pro 200

USB Heating Gloves

As temperatures begin to plummet, it can be hard to stay warm and motivated as you work. If you’ve ever felt your freezing hands are limiting your ability to concentrate, these USB heating gloves, from Mobile Fun, could be just what you need. They’ll defrost your hands and keep your fingers free for typing and writing. They work with any device that has a USB port; simply plug them in, give them five minutes to warm up, and enjoy the feeling of toasty palms as you work.

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