What Happens When The Two Worlds Collide – Sony Xperia Z Versus Samsung Galaxy S4

Just a few days ago, Samsung has finally unveiled the 2013 flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4 which is predicted to take a toll on all the latest smartphones including the Sony Xperia, a device that has already taken off to a great start. It was way back in September, 2012, a few months after Samsung released the most popular smartphone series, Samsung Galaxy, rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S4 sprouted the surface. Within a few weeks later, Samsung Galaxy S4 became one of the most heavenly rumors in the technology industry. No sharp turns for Android for another year as this is where all the action is. Just after fighting its place with HTC Once, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is all ready to fight with another show-stealer, Sony Xperia Z that has been finally waiting to meet its match.

Occasions like this will obviously lead to an invitation to dwell on the inevitable as when 2 impressive smartphones are about to meet at the crossroads of life and this is not just a sequence of events; it’s the fate of the 2 smartphones that will be considered. Now the question lies in the fact that whether the Xperia Z will be able to meet the nemesis or will Sony start leading the market with staggering competition that Samsung might find difficult to handle.

Features of Sony Xperia Z over Galaxy S4

  • Glass-covered body looks awesome and much superior than Samsung
  • IP57 water and dust protection
  • FM Radio
  • Slightly cheaper and is already available in the market
  • HDR video
  • TV-out through MHL links that is accessible with most available MHL HDMI cables

Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 over Sony Xperia Z

  • The screen has superior color reproduction, viewing and contrasting angles, even works with gloves on and works with air gestures
  • High clock speed and newer chip set
  • Infra-red blaster
  • Dual video recording with ability to shoot 9.6 MP while recording the video, 60 MP panoramas
  • Android 4.2.2 Operating System
  • Additional sensors and multi-window multitasking
  • Supports air gestures, smart pause, smart stay and smart scroll

Galaxy S4 Xperia Z

Comparing the Display of the two smartphones

Both Sony Xperia Z and galaxy S4 has 5-inch displays that supports 1080p resolution and this makes both appealing to all those who love larger display phones. Galaxy S4 is a super AMOLED HD display with 441 pixels and this translated to beautiful imagery, text and videos. Samsung just couldn’t stop at high resolution displays and size in terms of the upgrades available with the S4. Sony Xperia Z is also right up there in terms of quality as it sports a similar 440 pixel-per-inch display which clearly implies that it is also going to don super quality images, videos and many more such things. Sony has included the Bravia 2 engine on board Xperia Z that ensures high quality looking content all time.

Therefore, as 2 different worlds Sony and Samsung come together at crossroads, there is something huge that is going to happen. If you’re wondering and your thoughts are oscillating between Sony and Samsung, ensure taking the right decision after considering all the features.

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