Mystical expedite to test your spell cast – Miramagia

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An engrossing game for your past time awaits you here. The game commences as you start with the cultivation of crops of your choice with the chores like Sowing, harvesting, watering, and vaporizing. The colorful crops of different kinds, this takes you to the procedural method of cultivation, farming and harvesting. Wheel of Fortune is the trait that keeps you bonded to the game forcing you to revisit every day. The tent of Advanced magic and Lottery Booth will groove your stay with the ride of unexpected happy moments. The game is grounded to the ethics and morality and has carefully kept in mind to include a village tree which is to be watered every day. You can work as the village assistant and give a supporting hand in the day to day chores that go around be it.

MiramagiaYou will probably not want to restrict your temptations to play this game as it helps in the positive evolution of your personality. The game will help you inculcate the leadership qualities, responsibility, strategizing, team building and artistic and critical thinking. This easily accessible game Miramagia is one of the popular games you can play from your workstation be it Mac or Windows. And in case your PC or Mac is some why not available, you can download the Miramagia Companion App on your android device from the Google play store. So now you carry your farm along with wherever you go. As suggested this is not a standalone game and a vast number of experienced and avid players are just waiting to join them.

The game is absolutely free though you need to earn and collect rubies from time to time as they will help you. In case of emergencies you can spare them to acquire fairies to accelerate the vaporization or to spin the wheel of fortune.The developers have designed the game in such a way to make you feel privileged and welcomed with the thank you note at the beginning. You also get a decoration object and 10 rubies for your forthcoming mystical expedite and stay.

Play here: like the browser game Miramagia

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