Jet Clouding – The Best TSE/CITRIX Alternative

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Jet clouding, an online cloud software company which helps you to turn your personal computer or laptop into a remote access server at a very low cost. When compared to CITRIX/TSE, Jet clouding offers best and trust worthy service at an affordable cost in the market. Jet clouding now has come to smartphones and tablets, you just need to download there mobile app and start accessing it from anywhere using any device.

Some of the unique features of Jet clouding are seamless access to Mac/Linux, no need of windows terminal server CAL, very rapid transfer between the server and Jet Clouding the user’s machine and simple administration tools to use to manage printing, application sharing or publishing remote desktop.

Jet CloudingYou can easily install Jet  Clouding software on these operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and start accessing your remote desktop from your personal computer by sitting at your home with remote sessions simultaneous applications seamlessly publishing, printing universal (no need for printer drivers ), shared access to applications from smartphones and tablets.

Some of the very popular jet clouding products and services are:

#1- Jetclouding 3 users

#2- Jetclouding 5 users

#3- Jetclouding 10 users

#4- Jetclouding 20 users

#5- Jetclouding unlimited users

#6- Gateway customization

#7- One hour technical support

You can head over to, for more information and to start exploring their products and services.

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