iPhone 5S Release date, Specs & Features, Price[Rumors]

The geeks all around the world are waiting for the new announcement from the smartphone maker giant Apple regarding its new iPhone 5S. The new mobile shall be announced very soon next month. No matter Apple will name it iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6, experts all around the globe have already started guessing the features Apple might include with its new device iPhone 5S. Let’s have a look over the expected features of the new iPhone.

iPhone 5S Features:

Here are the expected features of the much awaited Apple device of the year…

  • Design: In terms of design, the new mobile might resemble iPhone 5. Apple inherited iPhone 3G’s design in iPhone 3GS, then iPhone 4’s design in iPhone 4S, and it might follow the same tradition again this time. Slight changes in variations are however possible.
  • iOS 7: The new phone will surely come with the latest operating system from Apple i.e. iOS 7, which has already been announced at the WWDC, San Francisco. The new OS includes tons of latest features like iTunes Radio, true multitasking, control center, etc.
  • Processor: The new device might contain the latest quad core A7 processor chip from Apple.

iPhone 5S

  • Camera: As per the rumors, the new gadget would pack a high resolution camera of 13 MP. Apple surely needs to invest some good stuff in camera after getting a strong competition from Nokia’s PureView, Samsung’s full HD, and HTC’s ultrapixels cameras.
  • Color: The new iPhone can come up in different colors in contrast to the two simple colors already being followed by Apple.
  • Storage: The new phone is expected to support a massive storage capability of 128 GB. It this happens to be a true case, other existing smartphones would stand nowhere near the new iPhone.
  • Wireless Charging: After the revolutionary concept from Nokia, even Apple could introduce the wireless charging feature with iPhone allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Display: The new display could be a Super HD screen with Retina plus Sharp IGZO display technology.
  • NFC Support: The new device might be available with near field communication support to exchange data at super-fast speeds.

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Release Date for iPhone 5S:

The new iPhone 5S from Apple might make its debut either next month or by the end of September this year, as per the rumors in the market.

Expected Price for iPhone 5S:

Whenever Apple introduces a new product in the market, it makes it available to the user at the same price at which the current ongoing model is being sold. This means that for an iPhone 5S, you would need to pay:

  • £529 for the 16GB model
  • £599 for 32GB model
  • £699 for the 64GB model.
  • £799 for the 128 GB model (if it is available)

Whatever the case is, the competition in the market is going to be really tough when the new smartphone is launched from Apple in the world markets. It would have to compete against the already existing dominators like Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920, Sony Xperia Z, and BlackBerry Z10. It would be really interesting to see the price policies of all these gadgets once iPhone 5S is out.

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