Five Classic Game Boy Franchises that Need an iOS Title

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It’s a sad year for Nintendo enthusiasts. Recent news revealed that the gaming company has decided to pull the plug on its Wii and DS Wi-Fi operations. The Japanese company is known for its majestic and iconic devices known as the Gameboy and its entire offspring. The Japanese video game company has stopped its Wii and DS WiFi operations, and with that comes the impending death of some of our most beloved multiplayer features.

This is a perfect time to reminisce and think of the many ‘what-could-have-beens’. So, we listed down five of the most classic Gameboy titles that should be ported to the iOS platform. After all, we’re seeing an incredible trend in mobile gaming. Gaming Realms, the company behind PocketFruity, has seen this trend and made an effort to bring their brands to mobile phones, noting that 50% of their revenue has come from these mobile platforms. Since the iPhone revolution has mimicked the GameBoy’s rise in the 1990s, it’s valid to think of how awesome old-school franchises would look and feel on these new-school devices.

We’ve all encountered a lot of unofficial ports of the older versions of the game for the iOS platform (and we love them). Who would have thought that this once-considered ‘fad’ would turn out to be a globally shared experience, one that bound video gamers from all corners of the world together in nostalgia many years after its release? For twenty-somethings who grew up ‘catching them all’, there would be nothing more exhilarating than an official Pokemon: Mobile.

Think about it. The iPhone supports motion sensing which could introduce new mechanics, PS Vita style. Also, trading (which is a major feature of the franchise) would be quick and easy with the handset’s AirDrop technology. Pokemon, an equally vibrant game, would fit well with the device’s form and function.

Some would be surprised to find out that there are already a total of 649 Pokemons to date, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. We just hope some of them find their way on our iPhones in the near future.

Pokemon-sur-ipod-touchMega Man
Arguably the best sidescroller franchise made in the history of video games, Mega Man etched itself in the books with its difficult level design and imaginative power-ups. The game has been very successful that it spawned tons of other versions for a variety of consoles, adding to the game’s already crowded dossier and armory.

With the success of games like Flappy Bird, we realize that the tap-to-jump and evade-things-to-survive game play have a strong following on the iOS platform. With Mega Man’s expectedly imaginative weapons, monsters, and environment, mobile users will love this game.megaman_iphone_5_lock_screen_wallpaper_by_baglio-d5pbfi6Harvest Moon
Now this is a fairly obvious choice. Harvest Moon speaks to our most primal need to farm and gather resources. At least that’s what Zynga said when they announced that they were rebooting the infamous Facebook game Farmville, which is essentially a social version of Harvest Moon.

There is joy in nurturing a piece of property and turning it into a profitable and sustainable business. In Harvest Moon, you remove weed, feed the cows, sell vegetables and complete the usual daily farm work without the real hardship. Looking at it now, the game doesn’t really sound too exciting. But Farmville isn’t exactly a thrilling game either, yet it managed to attract millions.

gba4ios10Metal Gear Solid
We’ve all seen the top notch cinematics of Metal Gear’s 21st century reinvention. With new animation technology and the iPhone’s amazing knack for anything that involves high definition graphics, we reckon that a Metal Gear for mobile would be the very definition of jaw-dropping. Stealth games like Assassin’s Creed and more casual games like Clear Vision 3 are in a certain niche which translates very well into smaller screens and less external hardware.metal-gear-solid-touchThe Legend of Zelda
Capcom struck gold with a little game called “The Legend of Zelda”. Until now, the franchise is the face of successful storytelling and game play. Zelda rivals Mario and Pikachu as one of the most iconic characters on video game history, and for a good reason. Zelda, Link, and the gang are all very well-designed and well-developed, they cannot be contained in just a single title. Years later, titles such as Oracle of Ages and Seasons, Ocarina of Time, Mask of Majora and many others continue the legacy.

It wouldn’t be a list of classic GameBoy titles without mentioning The Legend of Zelda, and no matter what console we are talking about, this game deserves to be ported there.

1492055099_46fa583165What are your favorite vintage GameBoy titles? Do you think they’d do well on the iOS platform? Tell us your thoughts on the comments section below.

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