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In today’s fast paced world, you need to keep at pace with everyone & if you are a stock market analyst then you definitely need to have the best 5 apps to track stock market. As a trader or investor who invests in the realm of stock market, it becomes all the more essential that there remains an app that can be help you stay updated as well as deal with the world of stock market more easily. With things moving as quickly as it does these days, things can get pretty difficult unless you remain updated about the stock market happenings by the minute. Moreover, it’s not just about simply being aware. Fact remains that you should also have the right apps at your disposal that’ll enable you to undertake the necessary options as and when required. To help you more at these, here are the best 5 apps that would help you stay updated in the stock market world.

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The best 5 Apps that’d help you track stock market at your finger tips:

One of the easiest ways to be aware of what’s happening while you’re on the go is through your mobile. Now, fact remains with iPhone and Android practically ruling the roost of the mobile phone dominion makes things all the more easier if you’ve got the right Android or iPhone app. The best 5 apps you could make use of for tracking stock market are as follows –

#1- The Wall Street Scanner: Undoubtedly you can get access to a lot of information through the Internet these days. However, this lot of information can actually get too much for you to handle more often than not for there are seriously too many resources out there. This is where exactly the Wall Street Scanner proves to be handy. It essentially serves the purpose of aggregating all the stock market info that you need in one place. Aggregation immediately makes things so much easier to find as well as sort through for then you’re better equipped to find exactly what you need.

#2- The Yahoo Stocks App: This is one of those apps that you’re bound to find on your iPhone simply by default. The best part is this particular iPhone app allows you to add stocks practically from all over the world including the BSE & NSE. All this information is essentially gathered from Yahoo Finance, hence the name of the app. You can see the chart of the desired company as soon as you turn your iPhone into the landscape mode. You’ve also got the option of selecting either 1 day or 1 week and so on up to 2 years in fact.

#3- The CNBC Real-Time App: This is a rather good app for both iPhone as well as Android users. It’s especially beneficial for it essentially serves the purpose of delivering real time quotes. There’s a downside attached to this however, since it doesn’t really allow you to add certain stock markets around the world. As far as the US Indices are concerned, then right from NASDAQ, NYSE to Dow Jones all can be found there. There are other features included in this app as well like exclusive video clips that you can get every day from various parts of the world along with customizable periods.

#4- The Chaikin Power Tools: If you really wish to see things at the nest level, then Marc Chaikin’s Power Tools Android app is here for you. This particular app combines data with actionable information. It has got a really simple interface that gives you the bullish or bearish potential of at least 5000 stocks.

#5- The Daily Finance App: This is another exclusive iPhone app that’s powered by AOL. This particular app will actually help keep you updated with live quotes as well as company related financial quotes.

Now that you know the best 5 apps that you can make use of for the purpose of keeping yourself updated regarding stocks and futures, don’t hesitate further. Handling your finances certainly gets easier with these apps at your disposal. If you have been using any other stock market app which you think is the best and needs to be in the above list of Best 5 apps for Stock Market then let us know in the comments below 🙂 So that we will update it!

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  1. Jacob says:

    I am using Stock Today Android app. Its really amazing. Tried many stock market apps in the market but this is the best one with global stocks. Important feature of Stock Today is the Widget. Try this app.

  2. INVN investor says:

    Stocks Live has it all, real time quotes, scanners, calendars, heat map, portfolio and currencies. Global coverage like Yahoo! Finance but much more elegant.

  3. Nickyann says:

    Just started using StockTracker as a simple go-to stock app. I’m pleasantly surprised to receive price alert notifications on my phone’s top bar for stock that I saved for alerts. The widget is simple yet show every detail I need.

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