5 Most Popular Games Of iPhone5

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In this modern era of coolest gadgets, people are constantly looking for more modern technology that can help to grab their attention for long. If you’re one of the gismo freaks, then the newest version of the iPhone can be the best option for you. The iPhone 5 has given a new dimension to the world of technology. The excellent 4 inch long screen is perfect for reading, browsing, watching videos as well as playing games with your friends. The generation Y is fond of iPhone because of its brilliant gaming apps. You can be a casual player or an avid gamer, the iPhone can help you get the best games to play with your friends.

Here is a list of five games that can help to grab your attention:

1. Infinity Blade: This game can transport you to a new world of mobile epic. Infinity Blade can take you to another world in the presence of kind Gods and ruthless tyrants. If you’re interested in epic adventures, then it is the right choice for you. There is a hero emerging from the world of pandemonium. The game juggles between the past and the present of the hero in the virtual world. The hero manages to reveal more hidden secret in the course of time in the game.

2. Plants VS Zombies: Did you ever hear about the game plant versus zombie. The gamer uses uber-cool plants to defeat the zombies. There are 26 types of zombie defeating options. You can employ the different attack options like peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more. If you’re swift with your fingers, then you can mange to conquer up to level 50. There are different adventure modes that are accompanied by their exclusive battle grounds. You can engage yourself for attempting to kill the immortals and keeping them away from invading your home.

plants zombies

3. Skylanders Cloud Patrol: This game helps you to sharpen your shooting skills. There is a character named Trigger Happy in the game. You can effortlessly join the skylanders and the find how the characters patrol the skies in flying ship loaded with guns. If you manage to knock out some of the trolls, then you can manage to earn points as well as gems in the virtual world. You can use the magic items to get the high knock out combos and score the leader board. Remember, Cloud Patrol is a part of the Skylanders series.

4. Peggle: Peggle is considered to be one of the most addictive games among the players. Initially, you may think that it is about basic shoot. This game has 55 levels and in the due course of time it may change the way you perceived the game. If you manage to reach the level of Grand Master Challenges, then you can get trained with the Peggle Masters in Adventure mode. Hereafter, you can go to any level and play the adventure mode.

5. Temple Run 2: This is an adventurous game where the gamer has to escape from the precarious territories. In the Temple Run game, your avatar is on an adventure where he needs to be fast in order to continue his adventure. You need to keep him safe and alive to complete the adventure. Make sure you help him to navigate the temple by protecting him. You need to collect points, coins as well as escape death by running fast.

Therefore, these are the five most popular games in iPhone that you can consider to keep yourself engaged during your spare time.

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