10 Unusual iPhone Accessories

Apple has always been mean about their accessories so we have brought you 10 Unusual iPhone Accessories that you must know. Every time they come up with a new iPad or iPhone, they will create a connector that is brand new so that all of a person’s accessories do not fit it anymore, so that they have to buy new ones. From a business perspective, this is not a terrible idea. For example, when you buy a car do you take the old tires off your old one to put on the new one? But it is a nasty way of sticking it to your customers. The accessories on this list are all compatible with iPhones, but most of them are made by third party companies instead of being made by Apple.

#1 – iPhone Balls

This is a cover for the back of your iPhone. It is made of dimpled rubber and at the very bottom is a rubber molding of male testicles. It does not really look funny or rude until someone starts to talk on the phone, and right next to the person’s mouth is a pair of testicles hanging down off of the phone.

iPhone Balls

#2 – The iPhone gun case

This is a plastic gun that you are supposed to leave hanging out of your pocket or your gun holster. The nozzle is not actually a nozzle; it is a place to put your phone. That way when somebody calls you can whip out your phone in a ye-olde-western quick draw fashion.

#3 – The old-fashioned iPhone dock

This is one of the old analogue phones that has a receiver you have to hold up to your ear. You put your phone in the dock and when you get a call, you can answer it by picking up the receiver. It looks very similar to the genuine article but is a lot lighter.

iPhone Dock

#4 – The knuckle-duster iPhone case

The case is designed as a knuckle-duster with the case wrapping around the back of the iPhone. You can put the case on so that you can hold the phone with your fingers thorough the holes, as if you had a knuckle-duster on your hand. The downside is that you need bigger pockets to fit the case and your phone in.

#5 – The JoeyBra

The concept is based on how kangaroos hold their babies (joeys) in their pouches. This bra has a compartment on the left hand side under the armpit. It is a compartment to fit your iPhone into. It is on the left so that right-handed people can reach in and grab the phone when it is needed.

#6 – The iPhone camera lens

There are actually a few of these on the market at the moment, most of which are pretty useless. The ones that do work are good for getting a certain focus over a longer distance. But none of them are yet able to connect onto the iPhone without clamping on in some fashion.

#7 – The iPhone hoodie

This is a cover for your iPhone, but instead of being wooly or fluffy, it looks like a hoodie, the piece of clothing that shy teens need to wear. The cover has a hoodie top that serves no purpose, and even has a label on the side to make it look a little more realistic.

#8 – The iPhone bottle opener case

This is a case you can put your iPhone into. It is fairly solid and does its job on its own, but on the back it has two little slots where you can open bottles. The slots are made of metal and the phone does not seem to undergo any damage or stress when a bottle is opened.

iPhone Bottle Opener Case

#9 – The power cord umbilical cord

This is a power cord that fits into your iPhone, but it comes in a large and gruesome looking umbilical cord rubber tubing that then engulfs part of the phone as it is plugged into the phone’s connector. It has been done for shock value and effect, and it does seem to work.

#10 – The toilet paper holder dock

If you would like to listen to your music on your iPod or iPhone then you can purchase a toilet roll holder that has a dock on the top for holding your iPhone or iPod. It means that you can have your hands free whilst you are on the toilet, and also means there is a place to hang your toilet rolls too.

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